Grace Business School has gone a step further in its quest to liberate men from the deception in the marketplace through the publication of three (3) editions of the Grace-In Biz magazine.

  • End From Beginning
  • Excellence At What Cost
  • Business Growth – Luck or Strategy

The magazine is an instrument of revival that teaches principles that would help promote excellence in all human endeavours and building integrity in the business community.


These are books published by the Grace Business School

  • Pa Bokin and The Treasure Box

    The book – Pa Bokin and The Treasure Box (a publication of GBS) is a biblical principle put into a mathematical arrangement.
    a+b (x) = y
    a = God = constant
    b = The Word of God
    x = Our faith
    y = Result = success (Joshua 1:8)

    This is the simplest success strategy any one can imagine – given direct by the Holy Spirit.

  • Rowland – The Heir Apparent

    Rowland – The Heir Apparent is also another book published by Grace Business School. Wealth is transferred and passion is transmitted. When wealth is lost, genuine passion subsists. Succession is made possible by the infusion of passion and not merely by handing over of business, property and possession.

  • Investing Wisely

    Investing Wisely is a book about wealth, faith, mysteries and the supernatural. Whatever your opinion, wealth has a supernatural connotation! If it is not so, then how would you explain the amount of riches around, while poverty abound in larger proportion.


These are handouts and videos published by the Grace Business School to serve as aids for GBS Students

  • Why Business Fail
  • Involving God In Your Business
  • 7 Ways To Raise Capital For Business
  • Create Your Own Market
  • 7 Concepts Of Financial Economy
  • 7 Reasons For Involving God in Your Business
  • The Secret Of The Treasure Box