Enterprise College teaches knowledge based on experience which is applied truth, not theories, which simply interprets as the wisdom of faith.

The college runs regular business classes for potential and existing entrepreneurs, teaching them basic requirements of what it takes to start, run, manage and succeed in business. The school runs three classes simultaneously on a monthly basis.

  1. Intensive class – every 3rd week (Monday – Friday) in a month
  2. Extended class – every 3rd week, 2 days a week for a month
  3. Specialized class – every Saturday of the month ( 4 weekends)

Course Contents

  • Entrepreneurship Skills (ES)
  • Business Leadership Framework (BLF)
  • Finance of Business (FB)
  • Marketing Business Products (MBP)
  • Administration and Management of Business (AMB)
  • Investment in Business (IB)
  • Information Technology in Business (ITB)
  • Grace in Business (GB)

GBS offers these courses as one package for any of the classes, and a certificate of proficiency is awarded, which certifies participants as a trained entrepreneur.