Our ultimate focus is to expose business/career people to the scriptural principles of entrepreneurship, business management and career development, teaching people ‘how to involve God in business/career’.

Grace is the invisible contributor to business success. Some call it favour, others say it is mercy, one thing is clear though – that it is beyond human ability – a divine touch. And that is what Grace Business School is sent to deliver… teach people how to involve grace in their business/career.

For the past nine (9) years GBS has done exactly the will of God touching lives and lifting spirit of men and women in the market place. The Lord has blessed this mission with in-depth of revelation, insight and grace – displayed through uncommon, unadulterated and fresh teachings direct form the Holy Spirit.

The mission is aimed at sharpening the axe (mind) of the people through management and personal skills, with the ultimate focus of eradicating suffering, frustration and stagnation from the business of the people.

We have also had the privilege in addition to organizing seminars to be guest speakers to churches through our programme – Church Economic Empowerment programme.

Business Starter Class

Laying foundation for setting-up business venture: trading, manufacturing and service provision (including professional service).
Exploring into pillars upon which a successful business/ career is built

Business Advancement Class

Attaining to corporate excellence demands continuous acquisition and learning of skills. This class is an improvement and advancement programme for continued relevance and better results.

Business Revival Class

Building hope and examining ways of revamping ailing business. This class serves as a problem solving research centre for ailing business.